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_MG_2120When viewing gallery images in the bottom left hand corner are three symbols. i, the first gives the image identification.  A dialog bubble, which opens a comment section. Finally the shopping cart, opens the price list order section.  Enjoy and share us with your friends.

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I am listed on Patreon as an artist seeking support. Why I listed there is they have the patrons pledge each month the suggested amount is $1 of which I receive $.89. It would go a long way to financing my overnight trips and as most of you know, you can view my images here for free or at Art Hale on fb and I love my State on fb… and
should you like to join my patrons and help me to continue, again a pledge of $1 per month here on my page.


To contact me or 208-378-7089.  All questions and comments are welcome.

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